Lighten your Load and Bounce Back with this two-day interactive workshop on Personal Resilience and Wellbeing

I am delighted to be collaborating with Ingrid Pope of Creating Space for this new 2-day resilience and de-cluttering workshop.

The interactive 2 days will start with surveying your current environment, looking at what is draining your energy and what is replenishing it. We will then look at how to build resilience in order to better manage the demands and pressures of everyday life. 

The workshop utilises a wide range of strategies to provide insights, and offers practical tools that can be applied straight away.

Participants leave feeling lighter, freer, more confident, positive and empowered. By creating more space for themselves, as well as improving resilience and well-being, participants will also become a source of strength and support for others, creating improved relationships with colleagues, team members, family, and friends.

Also included is a personalised MBTI® Stress Management Report.  Because everyone is different the MBTI® report is tailored to you and your personality preferences. It provides valuable insights into how to recognise and handle stress in the workplace and everyday life, and effectively minimize its impact. 


About this event

Start: 25/06/2018 09:30

End: 26/06/2018 16:30

Shorne Woods Country Park, Kent. DA12 3HX

£265.00 per person

7 places available

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